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Catering for a gluten free diet will add value to your bottom line

Here are the results from a recent survey we conducted amongst coeliac social media groups: (Click here to see the full survey results)

70% dictate where they eat within their friends and family dining group….

90% ‘always’ or ‘most of the time’ return to the establishment that catered well….

87% ‘always’ or ‘most of the time’ steer clear of venues where the first point of contact didn’t fill them with confidence….

95% stated that it’s very important that the server is fully aware of a gluten free diet….

Over 70% of diners have still been made ill by eating a ‘gluten free’ meal.

Can you afford not to cater effectively for this group of diners?

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The gluten free pound

The ‘gluten free pound’ is ever increasing and if the ‘eating out decision makers’ (namely the coeliacs) are well catered for, they will very quickly become loyal customers. They will return to your establishment time and again and bring their entourage with them! ‘Catering for a gluten free diet’ provides guidance and practical solutions to enable you to implement ‘best practice’ procedures, which are designed to make diners feel comfortable and confident about eating out.

The training is broken down into bite size chunks which makes it easy to get your staff up to speed quickly. The content is clear and concise and accessible to all your team including: part-time, seasonal and temporary members of staff.

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