On the twelfth day of a gluten free Christmas …other Christmas fayre

Sadly we have come to the end of our 12 days of a gluten free Christmas. 🙁 For this taste testing, we reviewed some of the other products that are available, that didn’t really fit in to any other day! It is worth noting that most of the supermarkets have really ‘upped their game’ this year. There is so much more availability of gluten free treats, it would be really nice if the food service industry did the same and provided the trimmings to complement their Christmas meals.

Like the Christmas desserts on day nine, On the ninth day of Christmas …gluten free desserts, there were no specific winners in this category – it’s more of an appraisal of the items that we feel may or may not be worth purchasing.

As always, all of the products are reviewed independently and the commentary is our own.

Click the video below to see the results of our taste testing.

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