The benefits of gluten free training

How will allergen training grow my business?

There are many benefits to training ALL your staff in gluten free which in turn will help grow your business. See the diagram below for a by no means definitive list…..
Grow your business with gluten free training

Effectively manage allergens

The training equips your staff with the necessary critical knowledge and awareness to be able to develop menus and to create an environment that can safely cater for a gluten free diet. It also provides you with best practice templates for all the EU recognised allergens, including guidance and reference documentation in respect of labelling.

Win new customers and add to your bottom line

Coeliac diners do not dine alone – they eat out with friends and family.

If you understand the needs of your gluten free diners they will return with their entourage time and time again. So, you’re actually winning several new customers – not just the coeliac. This was confirmed by the results of a recent survey we conducted in various coeliac-related social media groups 2015-eating-out-experience-survey-results

Implement best practice

Train your staff so that they are as knowledgeable as you and before long the whole organisation will be ‘singing from the same song sheet’.  This ensures a consistent approach to allergen management thus minimising risks and mistakes.

Confidence stems from knowledge which leads to excellence in customer service and allows your establishment to stand out from the crowd.

Comply with current legislation

The training includes two reference manuals which are designed to help you comply with the allergen labelling / declaration laws which came into effect on December 13th 2014. The first can be easily overwritten to produce your own allergen reference manual. The second is designed with dynamic menus in mind. Dynamic in this instance refers to menus that change from week to week or even on a daily basis.

Along with the reference manuals there is a practical guide to allergen labelling and declarations as detailed in the Food Information for Consumers Regulation (EU 1169/2011) with real-world solutions that result in compliance.

Protect your business with a fully compliant document trail

In January 2012 EU legislation came into effect to address claims you can and cannot make in respect of gluten free options on your menu.

We work closely with our local Environmental Health department, Trading Standards and the Food Standards Agency to ensure compliance with the law. We regularly review and update our training materials so if there are any updates or amendments to the law we will inform you as they happen.

On-site training for all your staff

Critically, the course makes it possible for the front of house, restaurant and kitchen staff to all undergo training without having to leave the workplace.  Your staff will effectively manage your GLUTEN FREE offering. The course content is informative and easy to follow.

“…understanding the needs of your gluten free diners will win you several new customers”

 There are many employees working within the catering sector who are unaware of gluten, where it appears in food and the effects of its ingestion on coeliacs.

The training will help you and your staff analyse current procedures and highlight measures to prevent cross contamination. It offers guidance and practical solutions, which you can implement directly to ensure safe working practices that your customers can trust.

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Ultimately, you want your diners to feel comfortable about eating out and have confidence in the eatery they have chosen.

We can help you develop gluten free recipes

Having been a manufacturer, we have supplied many of the top food establishments in the country with our gluten, wheat and dairy free range of baked goods. We can advise on the best ingredients to use and the necessary know how to provide you with an outstanding gluten free offering – no more long life mass produced pap – really set yourselves apart.

Telephone / email support

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