On the tenth day of a gluten free Christmas …crackers for the cheese board

For the tenth day of Christmas we taste tested gluten free crackers. If you are planning to serve a cheese board post dinner, then we have done all the hard work for you, by reviewing the crackers on offer. There is so much availability and choice now in all the main supermarkets, so it was simply a case of which crackers we preferred!

It is very rare, actually like most things we have taste tested, for me to be served crackers with a cheese board when eating out. In fact I can actually only think of one occasion where this has happened in the twenty plus years I have been diagnosed as a coeliac and that was in a very posh hotel about sixteen years ago!

Although some coeliacs can be lactose intolerant, most of us aren’t and so we would enjoy cheese as a course to finish off a special meal and how wonderful it would be if one could be served gluten free crackers with it too.

As always, all of the products are reviewed independently and the commentary is our own.

Click the video below to see the results of our taste testing.

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