The twelve days of a gluten free Christmas …summary

The 12 days of gluten free Christmas food

And so we have finished our 12 days of Christmas. We have taste tested gluten free Christmas food from all the main supermarkets, so that there is national availability of those items we thought stood out or tasted the best. Some food items were better than others, some work really well gluten free and some don’t. In all cases we have presented an independent opinion on the products we felt were the best, in terms of taste, texture and overall eating experience.

It’s been an interesting journey for us, because we normally make the majority of our Christmas food ourselves. However, it wasn’t about cooking for us, it was about reviewing the available gluten free Christmas food. The purpose was to enable caterers to easily source gluten free trimmings to complement their Christmas menus.

If you have found any of the videos / blogs to be useful, then please share them to anyone you know in catering. It would be really nice if we could show the food service industry the range of gluten free Christmas food readily available in every town and how easy it is to source them.

Click the video below to see a summary of the results of our taste testing.