On the ninth day of a gluten free Christmas …yummy desserts

For the ninth day of our 12 days of Christmas we taste tested gluten free desserts – I know…. it is a tough job I do…..

Some of the desserts we tried were frozen and not labelled specifically gluten free. EU allergen legislation demands that if gluten is present as an ingredient on pre-packaged food, then it must be declared as an allergen on the packaging – see the FSA’s website – EU allergen law. This means that if gluten (which includes barley, wheat, oats and rye) is not declared as an allergen on the packaging then it is safe for coeliacs to eat. I have stated oats, because, as I have mentioned previously, some coeliacs cannot tolerate oats (even if they are labelled as gluten free), so if in doubt, please leave it out.

There was quite a bit of choice for this day, so, it would be really lovely to see some of these offered on Christmas menus. If you can make desserts suitable for coeliacs, then even better, but if you don’t have the time, or the kitchen set up to make gluten free desserts safely, then please look at some of these desserts that you can offer.

If you do want to make a dessert that’s not just fruit, then take a look at our KISS Campaign from last year – there may be some ideas there for you.

As always, all of the products are reviewed independently and the commentary is our own.

Click the video below to see the results of our taste testing.

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