Gluten free training for pubs

Droppa & Droppa’s Catering for a gluten free diet provides for excellent gluten free training for pubs and social clubs.

Brixham Yacht Club

Located on the beautiful English Riviera, Brixham Yacht Club overlooks The South Devon Bay with views of Torquay. Brixham is a lovely old fishing village and evidence of its historical splendour is everywhere with huge old town houses and small fishermen’s cottages clinging to the hillside.

The Commodore of Brixham Yacht Club, David Faithful, approached Droppa & Droppa because he felt the club needed to improve and standardise its procedures for gluten free diners, “….due to being asked to provide meals on a regular basis for its members”.

Dennis Burke, Head Chef, Brixham Yacht Club | gluten free training for pubs title=
Dennis Burke, Head Chef, Brixham Yacht Club

Dennis Burke, Head Chef, explained,

“Although we are a private members’ club, we do have members’ guests and offer corporate functions, so it is important that we are fully conversant with gluten free. I have been a chef for 30 years, and yet I feel I have learnt a lot more about preparing foods using gluten free ingredients in a safe environment….as well as current legislation and some good practical tips.”

The training materials were provided on DVD and also via access to a series of on-line modules, so management and staff were able to plan the training to best fit in with their work schedule. This flexibility made it easy for the Club’s employees to train at their own pace and with the added advantage that they could re-visit modules if required to enhance their understanding. As well as accrediting/certifying the business for successfully completing the training and passing the test; individual members of staff were also able to sit the test. Those individuals that passed were issued with personalised digital certificates, which then formed part of their own CPD.

As with any busy establishment, it’s hard to juggle day-to-day service requirements, writing and implementing new menus and still find the time to train your staff to a standard where customers are afforded the level of service they deserve. The Brixham Yacht Club has rolled out the training to its staff, so everyone has a good understanding, there are solid procedures in place and the business as a whole is compliant within the eyes of the law.