Gluten free training for hotels

Droppa & Droppa’s Catering for a gluten free diet provides for excellent gluten free training for hotels.

The Runnymede~on~Thames Hotel & Spa

A 4-star hotel in Egham, Surrey nestling on the banks of the River Thames. The hotel started buying gluten, wheat and dairy free food from Droppa & Droppa back in 2009. Glenn Masson has always been acutely aware that it is not just about having a gluten free option on your menu – it’s about how you manage that option. It’s not enough to just serve a gluten free sandwich anymore. In today’s world diners expect all staff in catering establishments to have a clear understanding of the issues faced by someone following a gluten free diet. The staff must be fully aware of the risk of cross contamination associated with storage, plating and serving and should empathise with diners, so they do not feel that they are being awkward or difficult in their menu choice.

The Runnymede~on~Thames Hotel & Spa | gluten free training for hotels
Glenn Masson, Head Pastry Chef, The Runnymede~on~Thames Hotel & Spa

When Droppa & Droppa approached Mr Masson with a view to training all the hotel staff in gluten free procedures, he immediately discussed the opportunity with other colleagues throughout the business. How much better, that everyone who comes into contact with the diner, can help put them at ease; or leave them running for the door if they feel that there is a lack of understanding; or worse still nonchalance. Mr Masson said:

“Although we have always been able to offer gluten free options on our menu, continuity in training new and seasonal staff has consistently proved to be a challenge. Our training has not been as proactive as we would have liked with many staff ‘learning about gluten free on the job’. Learning on the job is fine up to a point, but a ‘knowledge gap’ can leave a business exposed. With this easy to follow course, we have trained our staff to the highest standard and we feel very confident about how we manage our gluten free offering, not only in the kitchen, but throughout the hotel. Legal knowledge, practical advice and helpful common-sense tips have ensured that diners are very comfortable about eating here, knowing that every step has been taken to ensure that their gluten free meal is exactly what they expect from us. I would highly recommend this training to anyone who deals in catering, whatever their position.”