Gluten free training for cafés

Droppa & Droppa’s Catering for a gluten free diet provides for excellent gluten free training for cafés and restaurants. Eating establishments have really taken up the mantle of providing gluten free food, but sadly effectively managing a customer with a gluten free requirement is sometimes not properly handled. If all staff were fully trained and understood the implications of a gluten free diet, there would be less issues of ‘glutening’ for coeliac diners.

Marwood Hill Gardens

A 20 acre private garden with three lakes, set in a valley, tucked away in North Devon. Created by Dr Jimmy Smart VMH in the late 1950’s the gardens are a haven in which to relax and enjoy an impressive collection of plants, shrubs and trees and experience wonderful views and a peaceful atmosphere.

At the beginning of 2012 Patricia Stout, along with a colleague of hers, attended one of the first of Droppa & Droppa’s face-to-face training Seminars. On their return to work they carefully analysed their procedures both in the kitchen and also in the dining area. They then made the necessary adjustments to ensure the risk of cross contamination was kept to an absolute minimum and that all staff were fully conversant with providing a safe gluten free meal from the kitchen right through to the point of serving. The procedures they adopted are robust and continue to serve them well today.

Marwood Hill Gardens | Gluten free training for cafés
Patricia Stout, Property Manager,
Marwood Hill Gardens

Mrs Stout said of the training:

“It has provided our Tearoom staff with the necessary tools to easily communicate to its diners that their dietary needs are fully understood. Consequently, the Tearoom has been able to create an environment that safely caters for a gluten free diet. Ultimately, the aim was to make diners feel comfortable and confident about eating out and it’s certainly achieved that.”