On the eleventh day of a gluten free Christmas …Christmas puddings

For the penultimate day of our 12 days of Christmas, we taste tested a range of widely available gluten free Christmas puddings.

Although not fond of fruit cakes in general, I do love Christmas pudding, and always have done. My nan used to make batches of them for all the family and I still have vivid memories of sitting with all my cousins on a large fold up table (with the emergency chairs!). There wasn’t enough room for all the adults to sit as well, so the kids ate first. After a gut busting feed, the brandy would be poured over the pudding, the lights would go off and the pudding would be lit. As kids we all ooooohhhhed and ahhhhhhed at this. The best bit was that my nan always put sixpences in the pudding and somehow ensured every kid got one. Such happy memories….

To review the puddings, we didn’t quite do the ‘pour brandy over and light it’ ceremony, but we did try them hot to get the best taste experience. Most of them microwaved in only 40 seconds, so perfect for caterers to provide a gluten free Christmas pudding to serve at the end of a Christmas meal.

As always, all of the products are reviewed independently and the commentary is our own.

Click the video below to see the results of our taste testing.

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