Pizza topping

After a baking filled week you’d think I would have had enough by Friday. However, I have decided to make a moroccan style pizza for dinner tomorrow night. I’m going to take my cumin and walnut flatbread and going to top it with spiced lamb mince and ???????? ………not sure yet!…………watch this space and hope for inspiration during tomorrow! Just had an idea – I wonder what Halloumi would be like instead of mozarella? Hmmm…………! It’ll be really nice served with a salsa of tomato, red onion, cucumber, fresh coriander and lime juice. Getting excited already!

At last!

Gluten free chocolate cake | gluten free training and accreditation

I have been nagged for ages by Mr Droppa to set up a blog and now finally I have done it! I’ll endeavour to astound readers with a stunning repertoire of my exciting life and work but a little about us to start………….Droppa & Droppa Specialist Foods has been manufacturing gluten, wheat and dairy free baked goods for over five years now. We supply caterers, retailers, the hospitality industry and direct to the public a varied range of outstanding gluten free food. I don’t just say this light heartedly. We are a very small business and maintain rigorous high standards to provide our customers with food that they enjoy eating. Being on a restricted diet is one thing…………but we don’t feel that the quality and taste of the food should suffer because of it.