About us – your allergen trainers

What can we say about us – allergen trainers’ ‘Team Droppa’ were gluten, wheat and dairy free food manufacturers in North Devon for over ten years. We then moved into food allergen training, with emphasis on gluten free, when the law changed in 2011. Since then, the law has been updated and amended and thus the business re-focused and now solely concentrates on training.

How ‘Catering for a gluten free diet’ started

In 2010 we identified a need to develop training for catering establishments that had a desire to cater for coeliacs and those people who are intolerant or sensitive to wheat and / or dairy. The training was designed to provide guidance on how to implement effective process management in the work place. We realised we could do this by providing you and your staff with the necessary tools to easily communicate to diners that you have fully understood their condition and that you have adopted best practice to ensure the risk of cross contamination is kept to an absolute minimum.

“….provides guidance and practical solutions to enable businesses to implement ‘best practice’ procedures.”

Jocelyn Droppa, Director of allergen trainers' Droppa & Droppa Ltd
Jocelyn Droppa, Director of allergen trainers’ Droppa & Droppa Ltd
Ferenc Droppa, , Director of allergen trainers' Droppa & Droppa Ltd
Ferenc Droppa, Director of allergen trainers’ Droppa & Droppa Ltd

We ran a gluten, wheat and dairy free bakery in North Devon from April 2005 until July 2015. All the ingredients we used were inherently gluten free or contained less than 10 parts per million gluten. With this in mind, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to say that we are extremely aux fait with making gluten, wheat and dairy free foods; and also very well placed to offer practical advice and support to the food service industry in respect of catering for coeliacs and those who are intolerant to wheat and / or dairy.

Jocelyn was diagnosed a coeliac in 1995. This presents a real problem as she’s a ‘foody’ who loves to eat out. Inevitably, she ends up eating in the same places and ordering the plainest food where there can’t possibly be any gluten involved in the cooking process. Sadly, even then, she is often ill, which can only come about as a result of cross contamination.

As a coeliac, Jocelyn monitors and actively contributes to on-line forums on a daily basis. This enables her to keep up-to-date with developments in the gluten free marketplace; as well as offering an insight into how fellow coeliacs, both old and new, manage their gluten free diets.

We’re both acutely aware of the measures required to ensure cross contamination does not occur in the preparation and cooking of free from foods.

In June 2015, we were the proud joint winner of the North Devon Journal’s Micro Business of the Year Award. We were granted the accolade for our Employment Practices; our Approach To Growth; Support for Staff Training & Development; What Makes Our Products and Servies Unique; Innovation and Customer Service.

Micro business of the year 2015