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Gluten free training and accreditation for food businesses

Ex-gluten free food manufacturer Droppa & Droppa Limited provides gluten free training and accreditation for cafes, pubs, restaurants, care homes and schools.

Why would you need gluten free training?

It’s all about the flour right? Not completely – no. All the major chains now have gluten free procedures in place and this is for a reason. They have put their staff through training to ensure that not only do they understand the allergens, but so that they can enhance the customer experience. It makes it so much easier for the coeliac, or gluten sensitive diner, to order the relevant dishes. Also training minimises the risk of them getting ill. Ultimately diners vote with their wallets and if you make a diner ill due to a lack of understanding, or make the whole process of choosing a gluten free option a rigmarole, then they simply won’t come back. Worse still neither will their families and friends.

Do I need accreditation?

When coeliacs, and those with allergies and intolerances, eat out – they need to feel safe and comfortable with the establishment they are eating in. Accreditation gives just that little bit of kudos to the statements that gluten free can be managed in the restaurant/cafe/etc. It proves that certain procedures are adhered to and that there is a level of understanding. It is not a legal requirement, more a self-policing one, but it can add value to your business.

My chef knows what he is doing – we can always ask him

You can – yes. However, put yourself in his shoes during a busy service. Wouldn’t it be so much easier for him, and the waiting staff, if everyone was up to speed and knew all about the allergens in all the dishes, rather than having to run to and from the kitchen to find out.

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